Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Cyrus the Juggler
From: David and Zoe Williams

My Jack Russell Story:

Cyrus is now 2 and mostly housebroken. He still likes to spray the bedspread ruffles in the guest room thinking "she (my wife Carol) won't find this cool, gross yellow stain until it's toooo late to punish me. "

Cyrus is tall (almost 15in) and very fast and agile. He is learning to juggle. It started with one tennis ball which he can catch from any angle or height, often leaping in the air and doing a back flip......next two tennis balls.....drop one catch the second. Next three tennis balls, drop catch drop catch etc......

But, how to control those dropped balls....answer...hold one with your forepaws...toss it (yup) toward the owner...drop ball in mouth...grab with forepaws....catch next ball in mouth.

What is hysterical is when Cyrus tries to hang onto to three balls at the same time.

He also likes to climb up on the kitchen table and push balls at you. He growls, and when directed to growl quietly....he growls very very quietly.

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