Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Advice Needed
From: Nancy Woodside

My Jack Russell Story:

I need some advice. Some of you may have read my stories about my sixteen year old JRT, Trouble. She is a very special dog and has been a wonderful part of my life. In the last few years she has gone downhill, and I know her time with me is limited, but then again she is very healthy. I just found out that one of my patients (I am an optician) dog has just had a litter of JRT pups. I am very tempted to get one but I do not want to do anything to hurt Trouble or make her feel bad in any way. Trouble has always been around and got along with other dogs, but she is almost blind now. She still plays a little but sleeps most of the time. Can anyone give me advice on whether getting a new pup will harm Trouble's life or make it better? I have been given advice both ways and I am really confused now. All comments will be appreciated.

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