Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Riley, the nosy boy and his Peeking Spot
From: Deidre Letchworth

My Jack Russell Story:

Hello to all the JRT lovers! This is one story about my crazy JRT pup, Riley. He just had his birthday and is three. And like most of you, he is the love of my life! By the way, when people ask what type of dog Riley is, I say "He's a Jack Russell Terrorist."

OK, here's the story. My husband and I used to live in a three story townhouse with a small patio. This didn't give Riley much room to romp around, but he made use of the stair cases and found that he really liked looking out our third story window at the neighborhood. So, I made him a little box filled with pillows so that he would had a place to perch comfortably. All our neighbors got together when we moved to tell us they would miss Riley, and the way he would guard the neighborhood from his window. They thought this was the strangest thing, but loved his crazy ways!

Well, we moved into our new house with a 1/4 acre backyard. I thought to myself, this will make Riley so happy! He'll be able to run and dig and chase the squirrels and bark at the birds instead of looking out the window. Well we moved in less then two weeks ago and I noticed a few days ago, that he spent a lot of time on the edge of the sofa trying to see out the front window. So, I built him another structure so that he can see out the front. I call this his "peeking spot". Every night when I get home from work, Riley is patiently waiting for me in his peeking spot.

When growing up my parents told me that in every neighborhood there was a busybody, well, little did I know that the busybody on my block would be my one and only Riley. Crazy boy!

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