Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Our Water Pup
From: Heidi Mitchell

My Jack Russell Story:

Just a little tid bit of information that we'd like to share about our 6 month old JRT named Buster Brown. He is incredibly fond of water. We would go swimming in our pool and he would sit on the edge and bark continuously! Until, one day he decided that it was time to "test the water". He climbed on my husband's back while he was in the pool and proceeded to do a nose dive into the water. Since then, we have been unable to keep him out of water. Another funny incident occurred when I was taking a bath. I did not notice him sneak into the room, but I was well aware of his presence when he landed on top of me with a belly flop into the bathtub! That's not even the end of his water escapades. We can't turn on the sprinkler in the yard because he refuses to allow any water to reach the grass. He pounces on it as quickly as possible. Well, these are a few stories about our baby. To see these actions in person is something one would never forget! We love him so much!!

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