Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Introducing... Chumley
From: Valeri McGuire

My Jack Russell Story:

Chumley is our 1 1/2 yr old rough coat JRT. He's most seriously part of the family. He is very funny, adorable, as all the JRT's are. He's also extremely affectionate. In our rec room we have an ugly big old stuffed brown chair and a couch. Wherever we are, so is Chumley. He will jump on the edge of the chair, sometimes stop there and lay down, legs on either side. Sometimes he'll climb over you to the top and lay across the top like a cat, against your head. If we're on the couch, he's next to us, snuggles. If he's cold, he goes under the throw blanket, but always ALWAYS touching us.

It's the same at night. The month and a half I spent trying to keep him out of our bed is another story. But he spoons with us all night, and sometimes my daughter, depending on his mood. The only savings grace is that I've kept him on top of the covers!

I've had many dogs, but after a year and a half, I've never had a dog who I willingly give so much love and attention to. He's wonderful!

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