Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Jed The Burpmaster
From: Brett Sebastian

My Jack Russell Story:

Our rambunctious 8 month old JRT, Jedi Knight aka Jed, has a tendency to burp loudly. Our story begins with a heavy dose of outside puppy play. When he comes inside worn out (believe it or not), he dashes to his water bowl where he enjoys copious amounts of water. After the enjoyment of his favorite beverage and a slight waiting period, our Jed will expel a burp that will set off car alarms. After doing so he will trot off with nary a care. The first time he did this we all laughed, the next time we thought "he burps a lot", every time since then, we can count on it like clockwork. We love to entertain the neighbors with Jed's talent and hopefully someday you will see our handsome Jed on David Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks.

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