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Story Name: Gallagher our new puppy...
From: Kevin J. Quinn

My Jack Russell Story:

My name is Kevin. My topic; a Jack russell puppy named Gallagher.

Now I am nearing 40 and thought a Dog would be a nice addition to our family of pets. We have 2 parrots, and a cat. Wouldn't a dog make a nice addition. So after an exhausting search of puppies throughout San Diego, I finally found Gallagher.

Gallager is a male JRT that is as beautiful as my first born daughter. He is so profound in is personality and mannerisms, you just know he is going to be a wonderful dog.

However, after not having a puppy for several years(15)I am exhausted from all the work.

At nights and early mornings we have our walks. Then in between those times we play, eat, pee pee poop, throw the ball, fetch the ball, get baths, and oh yes, manage to squeeze in an 8 hour job somewhere in there. None the less I wouldn't trade him for all the full grown dogs in the world. Honestly, there is nothing like raising a puppy..

Oh yes, in case you were wondering about my other pets. My 2 parrots have never seen the likes of something that has 4 legs and moves as quickly, and my cat, well lets just say that Harry has been living about 4 feet off their floor since we got our new family member.

Thank you to everyone who aided in our decision to get a JRT.

We love him...

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