Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Simon AKA Hellbeast
From: Jenn

My Jack Russell Story:

Hi - my name is Jenn and I have an almost four year old JRT. His name is Simon but he also goes by Hellbeast, Biscuit (due to his fondness for them) and Crocosquirrel (due to his large teeth and constant scampering). The funniest (and most embarrassing) thing that he has ever done happened during an afternoon thunderstorm last summer. Simon hates thunder. Somehow, he got out of the house while I was bringing stuff in out of the car. I assumed he was hiding somewhere until a man about three miles away called and said that Simon was sitting on his couch and would not get off. Seems the hellbeast took off through the woods and found himself an open door while these people were moving their grill in out of the rain. I got in the car and went to get him. They thought it was funny but as I was leaving with my little runaway, I heard the man tell his kids not ever to leave the door open like that again! Oh well, I guess there are worse things that could sit on your couch!

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