Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Jackie, "The Jack Russell Terror"
From: Gordon Bendall

My Jack Russell Story:

"Jackie" looked and acted menacing from the day she was taken from her mother at seven weeks of age. There was always a crazed look in her eyes and the word hyperactivity underestimated her disposition. It seemed she was always trying to get even and would fight to rule everything in sight. When company visited the farm, she wore a muzzle. While swimming in the pond, she chased and snapped at anyone within range, pursuing ducks for hours at a time....around and around seldom catching them, but never giving up. We had to smack her with a canoe paddle to subdue her when she caught one. A duck would die instantly in her clutches. A visitor from California who was an Olympic diver was bitten on the back while swimming and vowed to even the score. He showed Jackie the art of diving by pitching her from the diving board into the water. Jackie kept coming back for more...inverted two-and-a--half somersaults with full twists, back three-and-a-halfs...swan dives, flying dutchmen, the works. She thrived on thrills and spills. Anyone in the golf cart would have to put up with her "end runs." She would not want anyone to win any race and would try to ambush moving vehicles, chewing tires at full sprint. It was not surprising that a car got the best of her one day. Everyone still talks about Jackie. There will never be another Jackie and that may be good, but we still miss her all the same. Her reign of terror was not her her fault. We guessed that she just missed her mother so much that she raced through life trying to recapture her.

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