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Story Name: Bogart-"Dog of The Decade"
From: Josine Johnson Lacoma

My Jack Russell Story:

Bogart named "Dog of the Decade" on George Micheals' Sports Machine show for the 1980s passed on at age 16 this August 1997. Bogart was a brindle and white Jack Russell Terrier of the American lines including "Heritage" and "Hamilton" breeding. His sire was February Buster Black and mother Heritage Jenifer. He was bred by the Carabellos of Chantilly Virginia in 1981. Bogart began his career racing at age 3 he took to terrier trials instantly getting his early experience with Cassanova Hunt Trials. Master Tommy Lee Jones, and his wife along with Gus Forbush were hosts of many of the more popular trials and stakes races in the area at the time and invited him to other races. Bogart won at trials put on by many hunts in Va., Md., and Pa. as well as horse shows like Roanoke Valley, Warrenton, and The Washington International. One of the most memorable trials was Plum Run Hunt in Pa. heavily attended by JRTCA members. Bogart was unregistered because the club said he was slightly long in the back and they don't like brindle spots. He did look slightly long, given short legs but this gave him the advantage running against leggy dogs. Bogart was 3rd in conformation, scored the fastest times in the Go To Ground and won the racing and the stakes, taking Champion over an obviously shocked breeder of English imports. His temperment was his best asset, winning him brownie points in his weak conformation classes-At Cassanova one year he was standing for the judge when a loose dog ran over and bit him on top of his neck. Bogart stood perfectely while the judge booted the loose dog off amazed that Bogey did not retaliate in usual Jack Russell fashion.

NBCs' George Micheal was a Bogart fan airing races from The Washington International yearly. He aired a a retirement segment for Bogey when we quit racing him at age nine, declared him "Dog of the Decade" and also wished him fairwell with racing clips when he died. Bogarts talents were not only in sport but also as a companion and hard working dog. He went along to work at Gayers Saddlery, excersised field hunters for Orange Co. Hunt, chased the cats and rats at Foxcroft School in Middleburg, and kept my boarding barns free of vermin. He also brought great joy to my two children, cleaning up after them and entertaining them with ball chasing and tricks. Bogart sired 16 puppies many of whom I have lost track of-if your dog "smiles" when he greets you curling his lips up and snorting through his nose he could be a relative. Bogarts father and some of his get all shared this trait.

We will all miss Bogey but remember the joy with which he lived his life.

© by Josine Johnson 1997. Comments welcome.

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