Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Time To Get Out Of The Bed
From: Jennifer McElrath

My Jack Russell Story:

JJ is my sweet little baby. I got him when he was 6 weeks old. Ever scenes that day JJ has sleep with me in bed (he is now 1 1/2). JJ's sleeping habits had to change when I found a boyfriend (who loves animals but does not like them in bed). Now that you know a little about JJ and my Boyfriend (Troy) here is what happened.......

One weekend I was house sitting for my uncle, and Troy came to see me and JJ. Troy came from Nashville and I was in Benton TN. That Evening when Troy asked me to come and live with him (we are getting married now) I told him that I would love to but I was not going anywhere without my JJ. Troy said he would never ask such a thing and that he loved him as much as I did. Well of course JJ was right between us just looking up at us as if he understood every word. He didn't seem too happy. Then the boom was dropped. Troy asked if we could make one little adjustment, JJ had to get out of the bed. I sat there for a second and looked down at JJ (his eyes were huge). I said to Troy "I guess we can try it, but I can't promise he will stay out". Before I even got all of the words out JJ all of the sudden started having a asthma attack. It took me about 10 to 15 min. to calm him down. Troy and I both were amazed at the fact that JJ knew what we were talking about. JJ does have his own bed and seems to like it, but every now and then I let him sneek up and sleep with me. I think Troy knows but he never says anything.

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