Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Me and the 'ferocious rattler snake
From: Ale'

My Jack Russell Story:

It was only 6:00 in the morning, but I had to "go". So,threateningly, I stepped to the end of the bed. "Alright already" mom growled,yawning and scratching her back.She picked me up and carried me to the back door.She tossed me off the back porch"Go potty"she commanded,annoyed by being waked so early on a sunday.I ran out and made puddle.I began to dig and play.She stepped of the back porch,making sure I was through before returning to slumber land,she once more commanded me to go.Thats when she heard it.A hiss,no,a rattle."Ahhhhh!Rattle snake!"she screamed at the top of her lungs,looking at the sat-up,ready to strike rattler snake right 6ins away from her leg.I ran around to her,and tried to bit the snake,detouring it long enough for her to make it to the porch.It dodged my bit,my ears where deaf to my moms whispering of my name,praying I would come to her and leave the sinister creature.It struck at me,I dodged it,it struck again and again,I dodged it,I dodged it.I bit at it,it dodged me,I bit at it again and again,it dodged me,it dodged me.I was ready,going in for the kill,my teeth were practically around it's slimy neck.My mom screamed my name,I thought she had seen another,or had been bit,I ran to her rescue.Before I new what was happening,she scooped me up and through me in the house."what?I wasn't done!" I barked,then I came to my senses.She got the landlords brother,and as he remarked "what a big sucker". He killed it,though i could have,I'm glad I didn't have to!

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