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Story Name: Guinness' Favorite toy
From: Marc & Jenn

My Jack Russell Story:

Well, we've had our Jack Russell/Beagle mix for about 8 months now, and he's a handful. He looks exactly like a JRT except that he's big (30lbs) and has floppy beagle ears. The black and tan on his face earned him the name "Guinness". He waits for me on the landing every night to get home from work - my girlfriend tells me that he knows when I get home and will go to wait for me about 15 minutes before I'm due to arrive. When I come in the door, though...LOOK OUT! He knows that when Dad gets home, it's time to play. Out we go to the front yard, where he'll immediately look for the bullfrog that lives in the garden. He gets tired of that shortly, then out comes my weapon of choice.

If you've ever played with a laser pointer with a cat, you know how crazy they go over it. Well, it seems to have the same effect on Guinness. He will chase that little red dot at full tilt for HOURS. It is definitely worth every penny. I can play with him as much as he wants without even standing up. Of course, we also play fetch with his ball or frisbee, and roughhouse if he's feeling especially frisky. He also likes to play tug with his rag-bone, his favorite is when we play "airplane" - me holding on and spinning around in circles, with him holding on and "flying".

Guinness also loves water more than any dog I've ever known. He goes water-skiing with us every weekend, and when the engine is turned off, he comes up from his spot under the bow and he's gone in a blink. One of my friends used to swim competitively - Guinness can swim faster. His favorite is going in after rocks that are thrown in for him - the bigger the better. He's definitely a "waterlog dog".

This is definitely the most intelligent dog I've ever owned, and the JRT in him shines through. My uncle, who breeds JRT's, says that he's the only JRT-mutt that he's ever liked, simply because he acts just like a big, floppy-eared JRT.

Anyway, the point (which I seem to have lost track of), is that if you can't keep up with your pup, try a laser pointer, it will probably keep the little ball of energy entertained for years...

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