Jack Russell Story

Story Name: A Trip to the Gas Station
From: Dan Krych

My Jack Russell Story:

We had Samson for almost two years and my wife and I love him to death. He is our child. He is well behave (most of the time) and loves to play ball, with any type balls, his favorite is a basket ball. This 14 pound muscle head run all over our little house with his basket trying to destroy it, it fun to watch. He also enjoys steal clothes from the hamper, like my wife underwear (which is a little sick). Anyway we love him but the only thing that drives me nuts is when we have to get gas for the car. When I pull into the gas station and turn off the car my cute little dog turns into this monsters that jumps all over the car trying desperately to attack the gas attendance. The gas attendance thinks this very funny and starts making faces at him which makes him bark even louder. At that point I have to grab him and try to shout him up, but he is so strong its difficult. He never acts this way except at the gas station, I dont know what the problem is.

In closing I would like to say he is a great dog even with his little problems and I will NEVER own another Breed of dog.

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