Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Little Cricket and Big Bear
From: Amanda Millett

My Jack Russell Story:

I do not own a Jack Russell (yet), however, my boyfriend has a female German Shepard named Bear. One evening we were taking Bear for a walk at the Junior High School across the street from my boyfriend's house. As we rounded a corner heading down a bike path we encountered Cricket. Cricket was a five month old female Jack Russell. I immediately knelt down to greet the little pup. I knew it was a Jack Russell. I had already decided I wanted one.

Cricket ran to me and began to jump up to lick my face. She got so excited she peed. then she saw Bear. That little tiny dog (she weighed all of five pounds) ran up to Bear and began to bark in her face. Cricket actually thought she could take on that big old German Shepard. Luckily Bear is old and shy and was almost a little scared of Cricket. After that I became positive that this was the breed for me.

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