Jack Russell Story


Story Name: Everybody Loves Harley
From: Leslee Nadeker-Adams

My Jack Russell Story:

for my birthday my husband Owen purchased a jrt from a local breeder. I have been begging for a dog & knew that a jrt would be perfect for me because they are small, tough & full of energy. although I can say I did do my homework. the breeder had 7 puppies left & when we entered the kennel she opened the doors to the 2 pens (1 for males, 1 for females) & 7 little "johnny jump-ups" bounded out & circled all around us. as they all began to rumble each other & my husbands shoelaces 1 little male walked up as if to say, "hi, you're here for me. i'm packed & ready to go." all with a big smile. he had an all white body & his head looked like someone had cut out a black heart & wrapped it around his ears & face, but there was not enough to reach under his chin. as far as standards go, he is a perfect boy.

Now pup in hand & on our way to the pet store for a good spoilen', I geared myself for play, housebreaking, leash training, 2 am potty breaks & intro to 2 20lb siamese cats. now I break into a cold sweat, great timing.

Well, I know that everyone says that they own the smartest or best behaved dog but I can actually say that I have a pretty special boy & I can get letters of love to prove it from different people. housetraining was a breeze as long as I paid attention to what he was doing. he is as smart as einstein & as manipulative as a con man. whoever coined the phrase "little thugs in clown suits", was right on the $. no problem with the cats. in fact they are becoming quite good friends & even when play begins to get rough the cats will give a little swat without using their claws. and last & the most I am proud of, Harley goes to daycare on a 2 acre ranch with 10 or so other dogs including his new cousin bailey, a 1 yr old min schnauzer. I thought this only fair to Harley so that he will become social & wear off some of that energy before I get home from work. the sitter just loves him. she always tells us how good he is & he loves playing with his new friends. on mondays he gets to go to bailey's house for dinner because my husband & I get off a little later. my in-laws just adore him, he behaves himself as far as bathroom manners & of course he & bailey continue the romping till I pick him up.

Finally, he eats, we play & we go to bed promptly @ 10 pm every night. Harley is a good sleeper, and keeps warm by snuggling up to the cats & me. We have been truly blessed & just in case my little thug has more plans in mind we begin obedience training in 2 weeks. wishbone ain't got nothin' on my Harley, he may not act for you but he is a real comedian for us & we adore him everyday for it.

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