Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Jimi the Bee Catcher
From: Robin Ramos

My Jack Russell Story:

I can surely sympathize with everyone that owns a JRT.I have a 18 month old tri-colored broken coat named Jimi (aka Ghost boy for playing under mom's white blanket & Gremlin boy because he has one ear that sticks up permanently). My mom has his father Jack, who is a 3 year old brown and white smooth coat. They do ALL of the same crazy things that other JRTs do.

My story is about "Jimi the bee catcher". One evening after my parents had come in from sitting on the front porch, Jimi went up with "gramma" to read in bed. He started swatting at gramma's leg which was really nothing new until he became frantic about it. As it turns out, a bee was on her leg and he was trying to get it off. She managed to get Jimi back and remove the bee. Jimi received a lot praise for protecting gramma and needless to say was spoiled with cookies and pup-peroni's. He continually checked her leg the rest of the night for more bees!

We would never have any other breed. It's very hard to stay on step ahead of them, but the hours of joy and amazement are countless!!

Now I have a couple of questions for everyone. Does anyone else have "kids" that insist on french kissing people? And does anyone speak to them in a different language and watch their little heads move from side to side? Even when you speak Spanish, they seem to understand all of it. Our favorite words are margaritas and mail.

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