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Story Name: Bubble Bathing Oreo!!
From: Nicole Simpson

My Jack Russell Story:

We have a 5 month old JR named OREO who adores are two kids 2&3 yrs old!!!She is very protective of them.When we go for walks she runs forward to make sure the coast is clear and then runs back to round us up!!This is off the leash in a 200 acre parcel of property....not on the side of the road!!It is so funny to watch her.We make bets to the family members that the dog is able to do this,we'd be rich if we bet with $$$. She does it every time!!

The other thing she is famous for doing is not letting the kids bath ALONE she MUST be in the tub with them......Bubbles and All!!As soon as she hears the tub water running she rounds the kids up for bath time. We are aware that JR's are known for not tolerating young kids and believe we have a good dog that has shown NO aggression yet!!I would love to hear from other families that have beaten the odds against the JR for being GOOD with young kids!!

A childrens toy I would like to tell you about is the GIGGLE'N' ROCK. Oreo plays with this toy for hours. It has batteries in it so you must keep an eye on your dog as it plays....but it is worth it. This toy bounces around and laughs, the dog thinks it's alive and tries it hardest to kill the toy!!

If you are in for a laugh I recommend it!!

I hope you all have the joys with your JR as we do with ours.Feel free to e-mail us to talk JR talk. We live on the west coast of Canada.

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