Jack Russell Story

Story Name: The Littlest Grandson
From: Tina Ludeman

My Jack Russell Story:

I adopted Bart one month before my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was 3 pounds and could fit in my sons shoe. My mother was so taken with him, as was Bart with her. While she was still able to sit up, he would always be in her lap. The day before she died, she was bedridden and unable to talk. Bart would often lay on the foot of her bed, but she was too sick to let him that day. I lifted him up to her face and he licked it. She opened her eyes and smiled. That was the last smile I saw.

I have a picture of them together in a special scrapbook I made. I will always remember him as her grandson and how he made her happy. He also got me through the hardest time in my life.

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