Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Sneaky Pup!!!!
From: Trav 'n Dad

My Jack Russell Story:

Hi! My name is Steve! I know, weird name for a dog. That's what my humans called me. Well anyway, when I was a puppy, I guess I still am one, but when I was really small, my humans would have to pick me up to be on the sofa-size, I would pick up anything I could and run away with it untill my humans would get really tired from chasing me and then I would sit next to them and chew on whatever it was and they would say, " That darn pup has too much energy, not to mention he's really fast and sneaky! He could probably be a pick-pocket, if he wanted to! " Now I'm older-------and still do the same things, but I'm scared of some things now, like: I hate fire- it's scary, poles I don't like much, I hate being stepped on- it hurts!

Then other things I don't like I chase and bite, like: bikes, wheel barrels, wagons, small cars, loud stuff, ect. But I must not do too bad because my humans still feed me, play with me, sometimes let me go up stairs and say goodmornig to my boy, and pet me during homework times........ and that's just the beginning! I like my life!!!!

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