Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Naming Our Jack Russell
From: Howard Jacobson

My Jack Russell Story:

On a cold wintry morning, my wife and I took our two daughters, aged 8 and 4 (at that time) to see a wonderful litter of home-raised Jack Russell puppies, just six seeks old. Of the four that were still available, we quickly narrowed our decision to two, whose markings and attitude we really liked. We finally decided on the one the breeder told us had the most laid- back personality of the litter. She said he was really sweet. Her young daughter had named him "BEAR", because he was the largest of the litter.

We picked up our puppy two weeks later, when he was eight weeks old. Coincidentally it was Valentines Day, 1995. We thought the name Bear was cute, but now he was OUR dog, and we thought we would give him a name of our own. His size and temperament were anything but bear-like. We all floated names around, but we just couldn't find any- thing we all liked better than Bear.

Funnily, after we stopped trying to rename Bear, all sorts of nicknames started popping up. For a while he had several, including Mr.Bear, The B-Guy and Son. We still call him by any and all of these, but Son has a special place in my heart. I often ask my daughters to walk their brother, and when I tell Bear to go see his sisters, he knows just what I mean.

Bear by any name is a special and beloved member of our family.

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