Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Jessica's Day to Hunt
From: Nellie B

My Jack Russell Story:

Hi! I'm Jessica, and I want to tell you the story of one of my first hunts. My family and I had recently moved into our present house, It had all these new smells to explore. One day, I was about 6 months old, while exploring i found to cool room, it smell as if a lot of different animals lived there. I smelled deer, elk, birds, sheep, fox. Oh boy fox!! Somewhere in my mind I knew I would like to hunt a fox. So I did. After I had attacked the fox and made sure it was dead, my mom came to the entry way, where I was just finishing off the fox, and told me to "leave it", I had already learned that this means I had to drop what I'm doing and walk away, even if I don't want to, so I did. Mom was chuckling and scolding at the same time. When dad got home that night mom told him what I did. He asked if mom punished me, her answer was how could she, she said "We don't want to discourage Jessie from hunting, just not hunting your tanned hides", she also said that she put the childs protection gate up. The next time I tried to go hunting in the room with all the great animal smell, I found out what that gate was, a fence was at the top of the stairs, and I couldn't get into the room. I have now learned the room I did my hunting in is dad's trophy room, where he keeps all the hides from the animals he has killed for meat. Oh well! It was a fun hunt anyway. Now I do my hunting in the back yard, it's more of a challenge anyway, the animals don't just sit still and let me attack, they try and run away, sometimes they get away. Sometimes they don't, now I always take my trophy to mom for her approval, she always gives it. That makes me so happy. I still love to hunt, but have learned where I can and cannot do my hunting. See YA, got to go explore my back yard. Wouldn't want some animal that does not belong in my yard to seek in!

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