Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: They Do Drive Us Crazy
From: Ashley Haymore

My Jack Russell Story:

My jrt is named Chandler. I have had him about a year and he still ceases to amaze me. Last year for Christmas I begged for a dog, so before Xmas my husband took me to a local shelter and there he was. His face was so cute, how could anyone resist.

Over this past year, I have learned that we need to go for lots of walks and give him plenty of room to run. His biggest infatuation is squirrels. He has jumped through a screen door, broken a window and pulled me down just to try to get to one. My parents have nicknamed him "wild man."

Even though he loves my husband very much, he must always be next to me. Either sitting on my feet while I am watching TV or laying next to me on the couch. We had to get a bigger bed to accommodate the new member of the family.

My husband hates how he whines for up to an hour after I leave, as if I will never come home again. I love him so very much and I would never dream of getting rid of him, but at times, he does drive me crazy!

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