Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: What's on the tube???
From: Jana McBroom

My Jack Russell Story:

Lindsey, our JRT daughter, watches television all the time. She can be laying peacefully on the couch (they do that occasionally you know), when suddenly, she attacks the TV because a dog, cat or some other animal is on the screen. It is impossible to watch shows about animals with her around.

She also has her dad wrapped around her toe. He takes her on an hour long walk almost every day (weather permitting). Well, she demands that walk now. He works evenings and sleeps until about 12 noon. As soon as he gets up, she starts her begging. It begins with her sitting up and begging and progresses to getting on his lap with paws on each shoulder and licks in the face. She will keep her face in front of his so that he can't read his newspaper or watch TV.

When she wants a new Chewie, she finds an old piece of one and spits it out in your lap, then looks at you pleadingly!! We can't resist.

There are a million more stories, but I'm sure you've heard them all. She has brought us more entertainment, love and enjoyment than any dog I have ever owned.

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