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Story Name: I can't believe I ate the whole thing...
From: June Snow

My Jack Russell Story:

I'm a Jack Russell Terrier and an HRD. (That's husband replacement dog for those of you who do not know.) My human Mom named me Spoose because she was married to a Swede who went to apply for his first job in America and came home asking what a 'spoose was.' Mom didn't know until he told her it was on the job application and said 'name of spouse'. I guess this is the definitive name for an HRD.

Anyway, I'm told I have a typical Jack Russell appetite which means I'll eat anything. One day Mom got a three layer German Chocolate cake from her neighbor. She put it on the table and went to work. Knowing Mom is a diabetic and can't eat that sort of thing, I decided to help her out. I got up on the table and ate the whole thing! I worked so hard at getting all the crumbs, they were smashed flat on my nose. Mom said I looked like a pig. Actually, I looked like a bowling ball with a piggy nose. Oh was I sick. I couldn't lie down on my side because I thought I might explode, so I just had to lie on my back with my feet up in the air and all I could do was groan. My Mom was pretty alarmed when she came home and found me in a totally different shape. I'm usually pretty sleek, but not that day!

She took me to the vet, of course and they gave me something that made me barf. Yuck! I had to stay there a few days. I wonder if my Mom knows how big a sacrifice I made for her well-being!

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