Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Good Medicine
From: Carl L. Easterling, II

My Jack Russell Story:

Almost a month after my mother had come to live with me, following her diagnoses of the mid-point of Alzheimer's disease, I lost my mix-breed dog of 10-1/2 years to health problems. There were time that my mother may not remember me as her son, but she never forgot the dog that we lost.

I wanted to get a puppy to replace the dog that we lost. I got an eight week old male JRT puppy. Words cannot express the pleasure I see in my mother's face when she plays with him. Any puppy may have gotten the same response, but I don't have any puppy, I have a JRT.

JRTs may be know for there working ability, but I know that they can also bring joy to a ailing mother's heart.

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