Jack Russell Story

Courtesy of guy_graziano@berlex.com

Story Name: A Jack is a Jack is a Jack!
From: Guy Graziano

My Jack Russell Story:

I have to laugh at all the stories here on this bulletin board. All of our Dogs are the same and the things that they do make us love them all the more. For instance:

* Who barks and Jumps at the TV
(Nikki loves to watch Americas Funniest Videos and Nature Shows)

* Who Sleeps in bead with you?
(Nikki has to sleep in between my wife and I most of the time)

* Who has to be the center of attention?
(Nuff said)

* Who is a jumping, digging, energetic Dynamo?

BUT! How many of your dogs climbs trees?

Nikki likes to climb this one tree we have - thinking that one of these days that Squirrel will be dinner!

She has caught several Squirrel and Rabbit and considers herself quuen of the suburban jungle!

Jackies Rule! No doubt!

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