Jack Russell Story

Courtesy of bp2@soton.ac.uk

Story Name: Hartley and Gnipper
From: Bea Perks

My Jack Russell Story:

Hartley came from a farm in Fife in Scotland. He came to live with us in our house in Angus near Glamis Castle on the road to Aberdeen. He enjoyed running around the Scottish countryside, but he wasn't much good at hunting on his own.

When he was one year old we moved to London, he quite liked it; bullying all the other dogs in the park, but it wasn't as fun as Scotland and sometimes he was scared of the other dogs on his own.

Then we moved to the English countryside, there he could chase as many rabbits and mice as he wanted - but he still wasn't much good at it on his own. Then, in March this year, Gnipper arrived from the local animal rescue centre. He's only half Jack Russell, so Hartley wasn't very impressed. But, after a few fights over who was going to get the best basket and so on, they have become the best of friends. And they're ALWAYS HUNTING, so we don't get to see them very often, anymore!

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