Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Big dog little dog.
From: Eunice Park

My Jack Russell Story:

Well it all started when we gound a small cute little stray dog. Little did we know that he was a JRT. We found Patches when he was 6 mouths to a year old. When I think back to that time 2 years ago I can't beleave he slept all the time. He was dieing we did not know that then. But I told someone about him and they said " You need to get his collar off as soon as you can. " I could not believe what I was hearing. I was not the one to put the collar on him. But we took it off and I am glad I did. Because it was choking him. After about a day he was fine and running all over. He has not been the same since.

Well after we had him for about 1 year, we moved about a half mile away. I was scared when he got lose and did not come home for a day or two. But our old friends that had lived across the street from where we HAD live called and said " Patches is here. "

After a week or so I saw a Black lab in our yard. He had on a blue collar on so I thought he lived near us. Well he was scared of people and did not bother us. Until he wanted me to be his friend. Oh no mom is going to get mad - I made friends with another dog. But mom did not mind this time and even liked him a little.

Until him and my little JR (Patches) got into a fight over Patches's food. I knew it was going to happen because the lab started to growl and I could not believe it when Patches did too. That led to a big fight and me yelling at the lab to leave my dog alone. Well after a little bit the lab stoped and ate all the food. And we thought it was time to start feeding him too.

For 2 weeks after that they fought off and on.

Now they are best friends and run all over together. Who would have thought that they would be such good friends?

Well that is my story.

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