Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Dog Gone It
From: Wesley Lake

My Jack Russell Story:

My saga started when I decided that a JRT would make an excellent family pet. I started checking out breeders and watching the newspaper for JRT ads. One day I came across an ad for a used JRT that was 6 months old.

Dog Day 1

I called and talked to the current owner who assured me the only problem with "Rusty" was that he decided his wife's hard cover books would be his chew toy of choice. Well, after some additional checking we decided to make Rusty part of our family. We took him home and he seemed very happy playing for hours with my two children. Our children instantly fell in love with this little brown and white super ball and I felt all warm and gooshie about the choice I had made.

Dog Day 2

The next day when we got home from work we noticed a bag of dog toys on our front porch and a note from his former owner explaining he had forgotten to include these with Rusty. That night we got a call from the owner asking how the dog was doing and if there was anything we needed. My wife and I thought, "well how nice for the old owner to be so concerned". Rusty seem perfectly content and everyone was fat, dumb, and happy......NOT!!!!!

Dog Day 3

My wife called me at work and said, "you're not going to believe this but Rusty's old owner wants him back" I said, "you've got to kidding." Well she wasn't kidding and to make matters worse the guy didn't have the nerve to call himself instead he had his adult daughter call. After talking to the daughter the story was her father was so depressed about giving away the dog that the Mom (remember the books) felt terrible and decided she had made a big mistake forcing him to get rid of the dog.

Dog Day 4

My kids are crying, I'm very angry, my wife is upset, the old owner is now begging, his daughter is negotiating, the wife is feeling guilty, Rusty want's to wrestle. What a mess!

Being the softy that I am I returned the dog but I came very close to charging him twice the price I paid for him. In the end he was returned for what I had paid for him. The story does have a happy ending. The next week we found a JRT puppy and now after two years Rocco has turned out to be a better dog than any of us could have imagined and our brief ownership of Rusty is nothing but a bad memory.

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