Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Sam the Cutie Pie
From: Stephanie Dollinger

My Jack Russell Story:

Our JRT Sam is the cutest puppy ever! Even though he is 1 1/2 years old, he will always be a puppy to us. Ever since we got him, we treated him like a baby and now we dont think he realizes he is a dog. He loves all people, even babies and children but he especially loves his mommy and daddy. He loves playing with other dogs because he is always the fastest. Whenever he plays with other dogs, his dad says he has more moves than barry sanders! He loves to sleep under the covers curled up with his parents. His hobbies include sitting on the radiator when the heat is on, chewing all his stuffed animal toys to oblivian and stealing anything he knows he should not have! The cutest habit he has is that he must have a toy to suck on when he goes to sleep. He always falls asleep with the toy in his mouth. He always must be the center of attention and hates to be alone. Even if he is in the same room with us, he must be attached to us!

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