Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Bosun
From: Barbara Miller

My Jack Russell Story:

Bosun is my first pet and can't believe what fun he is. Our breeder was reluctant to sell him to us and interviewed us for almost 2 hours. She really had become attached to him and only wanted to give him up to a loving family. After the interview, and before leaving the tears flowed between the couple and my husband. I thought I was leaving with a very special puppy, and he has lived up to it. He is so very smart, extremely intelligent, very spoiled and loved a whole lot. We sail on the Bay every weekend, and what a sailor he has become. His favorite thing is to swim ashore when we drop the hook or patiently wait until the captain prepares the dinghy. Bosun is a tremendous swimmer and is the constant entertainment at our anchorages as others watch him literally hop thru the water and swim for hours. He has several life jackets but really doesn't wear them on a relaxing day in the water with the captain. He the mascot of the marina and all want to be with him.

I am so pleased we passed the careful and loving inspection of our breeder and feel quite fornature to be the owners. He has never given us any trouble and was easy to train. I believe that a loving home and owners can bring out the best in a dog and thus a happy dog!

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