Jack Russell Terrier Club of America
Preserve, Protect and Work the Jack Russell Terrier

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Jack Russell Terrier Club of America

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) is the National Breed Club and Registry for the Jack Russell Terrier in the US. We are the largest Jack Russell Terrier club and registry in the world.

What's in a Name?

Are you confused about the differences between the Jack Russell Terrier, the Parson Russell Terrier and the Russell Terrier? An explanation about the REAL Jack Russell Terrier should help.

Why Support the JRTCA?

Your support, as members, helps the JRTCA to continue with its educational efforts on behalf of this great little terrier.

JRTCA Breeders Directory

Looking for a Jack Russell puppy from a reputable breeder? Please check out the JRTCA Breeders Directory for a list of JRTCA breeders.

Sanctioned Trial Schedule

Dec 6Yuletide I
Enigma, GeorgiaIn 15 days
Dec 7Yuletide II
Enigma, GeorgiaIn 16 days
Jan 17-18Thaw Your Paws I & II
Ocala, FloridaIn 57 days
Mar 14Texas Two Step XVIII
Buffalo, TexasIn 113 days
Mar 15Texas Two Step XIX
Buffalo, TexasIn 114 days
Apr 11Spring Fever I
Fredericksburg, VirginiaIn 141 days
Apr 12Spring Fever II
Fredericksburg, VirginiaIn 142 days
May 2-3Carolinas Spring Classic I & II
Dallas, North CarolinaIn 162 days
May 16-17Yankee I & II
Hebron, ConnecticutIn 176 days
May 23-24JRTCA Memorial Weekend Trial XI & XII
Arvonia, VirginiaIn 183 days
Jun 21Bob's Birthday Bash I & II
Port Murray, New JerseyIn 211 days
Jun 28Mid-America Working Terrier Trial I & II
Norfolk, NebraskaIn 218 days
Jul 26Rainier Hunt Classic XXVI & XXVII
Everson, WashingtonIn 246 days
Aug 8-9Freedom Rings I & II
Gunnison, ColoradoIn 260 days
Sep 5Battle Born Bonanza III & VI
Carson City, NevadaIn 288 days
Sep 5Northgate I & II
Port Murray, New JerseyIn 288 days
Sep 12Arctic Blast Terrier Trial I
Somerset, WisconsinIn 295 days
Sep 13Arctic Blast Terrier Trial II
Somerset, WisconsinIn 296 days
Sep 26-27Carolinas Autumn Fest I & II
Dallas, North CarolinaIn 309 days
Oct 9-11JRTCA National Trial
Boonsboro, MarylandIn 322 days

Benefits of Membership

The most important reason to join the JRTCA is to support the preservation and protection of the Jack Russell (benefits).

JRT Puppies and Adults

Looking for a Jack Russell Terrier puppy or adult? Visit the Terrier Boutique and the Puppy and Breeders page.

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