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Vote for Your Favorite Caption for Contest # 609

Caption #609 PLEASE READ
  • There were 51 entries for Contest #609.
  • 17 captions were selected for you to vote on.
  • Voting deadline is Monday, February 2, 2015.
  • The selected captions display in random order.
  • Click "Vote" next to your favorite caption.
  • You may only vote once per Contest.
  • If a winning caption was submitted by more than one person, the person who submitted it first will be recognized.
  • Submit a photo for use in a future caption contest.

Select your favorite caption from the list below. Please vote only once.

 Selected Captions from Contest # 609   (Note: Captions are displayed in no particular order)
·VoteAre we there yet???
·VoteBack seat barkers.
·VoteTake us to the Fun Day and nobody gets hurt.
·VoteDid he say vegetarian or Veterinarian?!!
·VoteJack Bros cabbie service drew mighty few repeat customers.
·VoteWe are the most interesting dogs in the world.
·VoteHi, we are Thelma & Louise.
·VoteDON'T make us come back there!!
·VoteI spy something brown...
·VoteBut we always have to ride in the back!
·VoteA Jack and a spare.
·VoteCar Jacking in progress.
·VoteJust wait until she gets on the highway, then we'll jump in the front seat!
·VoteFYI...we left some 'junk' in your trunk.
·VoteNow that you are lost, we will take over with directions.
·VoteYou missed the turn to the terrier trial. How could you drive right past the sign?
·VoteTwo quarter pounders with cheese----PLEASE!

* Multiple votes or manipulating the outcome of a contest (i.e., block voting) may result in your ISP being blocked from voting or participating in future contests. Total Votes: 41

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