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Vote for Your Favorite Caption for Contest # 588

Caption #588 PLEASE READ
  • There were 56 entries for Contest #588.
  • 17 captions were selected for you to vote on.
  • Voting deadline is Sunday, August 24, 2014.
  • The selected captions display in random order.
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  • You may only vote once per Contest.
  • If a winning caption was submitted by more than one person, the person who submitted it first will be recognized.
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 Selected Captions from Contest # 588   (Note: Captions are displayed in no particular order)
·VoteDay 3: Squirrel still unsuspecting of my plans. Must find way out.
·VoteSquirrel under glass.
·VoteSquirrel, you don't know how lucky you are!
·VoteWhoever invented glass should have to sleep with cats!
·VoteCome closer Clairice...
·VoteWhat a nut job.
·VoteMom, the squirrel is eating the seed again!
·VoteI'll deal with you later
·VoteI'm watching you Rocky and one day this glass won't be here!
·VoteSo close and yet so far away!
·VoteThis is intolerable, simply intolerable!
·VoteMama said there would be days like this!
·VoteWelcome, Welcome, Welcome
·VotePsst!! Hey, there are acorns beside the pet door!
·VoteThere but for a pane of glass go I...
·VoteHow much is that squirrel in the window? The one with the big bushy tail...
·VoteYou are getting very sleepy...the dog is your friend, the dog is your friend...

* Multiple votes or manipulating the outcome of a contest (i.e., block voting) may result in your ISP being blocked from voting or participating in future contests. Total Votes: 69

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