JRT Advice: Training and Behavior

Trailing and Locating involves the Jack Russell Terrier tracking and locating a quarry above ground.

JRT Advice: Training and Behavior
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Training Your Jack Russell Terrier

Many experienced, as well as inexperienced, dog owners are overwhelmed by the demands of a Jack Russell Terrier, leading to the dogs being abandoned even before they reach adulthood. Jack Russells are first and foremost hunting dogs. The traits and skills that make them excellent hunting dogs (i.e., digging, barking, aggressive nature, ability to follow scent) are often interpreted as bad habits that cause people to give them up. (Recommended Book: Jack Russell Terriers For Dummies)

Jack Russell Terriers require a long-term commitment to obedience, activity, exercise and entertainment... their unique character, intelligence and high energy level can frustrate you, will undoubtedly entertain you, and can bring you great joy (when they're happy!) or great grief (when they're not!).

  • Extreme shyness is deemed a fault in this breed and encouraged to be avoided when breeding.
  • This instinctive desire for a secure den is the basis of the psychology behind using a crate as a training aid.
  • Housebreaking is finding a means of preventing the puppy from doing his duties in the house and giving him only an opportunity to do it outside.
  • Dogs with separation anxiety are so attached to their owners that they become extremely agitated when left alone.

Breeding Jack Russell Terriers

Breeding Jack Russell Terriers is Risky BusinessToday Jack Russell Terriers are hot! Tomorrow, those of us who are truly devoted to the breed will be paying the price for this surge in popularity with greatly increased use of our rescue system, as much of America finds out that our Jack Russells are a bit more dog than they want to handle. Right now, people aren't thinking about the future, and many novice breeders are anxious to try to supply the demand for puppies that the public currently has.

A recent first time breeder was so impressed with the ease of selling her first litter, that she has purchased two more bitches with intent to breed. It's true, if you had two dozen puppies, you could sell them all in a weekend, if you weren't particular about who bought them. The novice breeder is blissfully ignorant of the fact that she may find half the litter dumped on her doorstep in a few months if she's not careful about who the puppies are sold to. If you think that your Jack Russell Terrier bitch is going to be a cash cow for you, you'd better read on. I'm afraid we're going to have to disillusion you.

Three Coat Types

Coat type can be divided into three different categories: smooth, broken, and rough. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to distinguish what category a terrier falls into. Vote for your favorite coat type.

Smooth Coat

Smooth Coat

Broken Coat

Broken Coat

Rough Coat

Rough Coat

Grooming the Jack Russell

Grooming a Jack Russell TerrierRough and broken coated Jack Russells are groomed for three basic reasons: appearance, comfort, and most importantly, to help the dog continue to develop a good hard coat that will repel water. The Jack Russell is one of the few remaining breeds still capable of earth work, and as such, his coat is very important to the job he is bred for. Very few animals are exhibited exactly as nature has designed them, and the Jack Russell Terrier is one that can certainly benefit from some judicious grooming.

Be sure to talk to your dog while you are grooming him. If you don't say anything, but just pull hair, he will get bored and start moving around. If the dog resists grooming in one area, move to another; you can always go back. Nonetheless, try to develop a system to follow.

Jack Russell Terrier Books

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