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The JRTCA is the largest Jack Russell Terrier club and registry in the world.

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Benefits to JRTCA Membership

  • Support the Preservation and Protection of the Jack Russell Terrier
  • A subscription to True Grit magazine
  • Ability to participate in JRTCA sanctioned trials including the Nationals
  • Access to the JRTCA Members Only site
  • Eligible for JRTCA Certificate Programs
  • Ability to register/record your terrier in the JRTCA Registry
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First time JRTCA members receive a JRTCA pin and sticker (contingent upon verification by the club office).

The JRTCA is the largest Jack Russell Terrier club and registry in the world. If you own a Jack Russell Terrier, a welcome is extended to you to join the JRTCA, to work along with many dedicated Jack Russell owners throughout the country to protect and preserve the rare qualities of this wonderful working terrier... and to share all the terrific experiences gained only through owning a Jack Russell Terrier!

Convenient Payment Methods

Online/Credit Card Mail/Check Fax/Credit Card
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your JRTCA membership.
Printable Membership Application
Make check payable to the JRTCA
P.O. Box 4527
Lutherville, MD
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Fax: (410) 421-7081
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JRTCA Membership Rates for 2018

  • $55 - Single Adult
  • $60 - Family (2 adults, same address)
  • $25 - Youth (age 10 up to 18)
  • $15 - Family Youth (resident with adult member)
  • Additional $20 (outside of U.S.)

Additional Details

  • A Family Youth membership does not include a membership to the club magazine.
  • Applications for new memberships received during the last two months of the year (November and December) will automatically be carried over to the following calendar year.
  • JRTCA Memberships are processed on an annual basis from January 1 through 12/31 of each year. Memberships received after November 1st are applied to the following year.