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The most important reason is to support the preservation and protection of the original real working Jack Russell Terrier. Your support, as a member, helps the JRTCA to continue with its educational efforts on behalf of this great little terrier.

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The original (real) Jack Russell Terrier, as it has been for more than 200 years, is being divided into variants of the original working terrier. Parson Russell Terrier, Russell Terrier, Irish Jack Russell, Miniature Jack Russell... these are all nothing more than variants of the real (original) working Jack Russell Terrier that has been around for more than 200 years.

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The JRTCA, founded in 1976, is the oldest and largest breed club for the original Jack Russell Terrier. The JRTCA is affiliated to the Jack Russell Club of Great Britain (JRTCGB), the breed club for the Jack Russell Terrier in England, its country of origin. Both clubs have always been, and remain, adamantly opposed to all-breed/kennel club registration of the Jack Russell Terrier. Our membership has stood strong to protect our principles during these years of great change as the terrier has gained popularity.

We strive to protect and preserve the terrier as it has always been - a very diversified type of working terrier, sound in mind and body - a unique little dog with a unique character.

The opposition to all-breed/kennel club registration of this type of working terrier is that those interested mainly in showing and breeding for profit would attempt to "standardize" this terrier into a "pure breed," and eventually change this type of terrier into something entirely different. That is now a reality.

Two variants of the original working Jack Russell are now being "recognized" by the AKC as "pure breeds." The Parson Russell Terrier (the taller type) is fully recognized and being registered. The Russell Terrier (the "shortie" type) is in the process. Others are alleging variants as well, such as Irish Jack Russells or Miniature Jack Russells.

These "new breeds" will no doubt eventually change in appearance, and what has been commonly known as the Jack Russell Terrier could eventually disappear. The JRTCA is working hard to make sure that does not happen and to keep these feisty little working dogs unique, intelligent, and healthy companions as they have been for almost 200 years.

Your support is important... Join us to protect this great little dog! As a member, you will also enjoy many membership benefits.

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