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Breeding Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell with Puppies

Breeding is risky business, whether you do it for love or money.

If you're doing it for love, you risk losing your bitch and her puppies.

If you're doing it for money, you stand to lose a bundle.

Talk to a few breeders with experience. They'll be able to tell you their personal stories of disasters. If you've ever read a book on Canine Reproduction you'll notice that there's 54 pages on what can go wrong, and only one page on what it's like if everything goes well.

The risks are very real, and even if everything goes well initially, there are defects that can show up later, causing the eventual death of the puppies. And then there's the minor defects that won't affect the puppy's chance for a happy life, but will cause a financial loss to the breeder, as a refund or replacement will need to be given to the buyer.

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