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General Training Tips for Jack Russell Terriers

  • Begin training your Jack Russell Terrier early (not too early - your puppy's breeder should not allow you to take a puppy home before it is 8 weeks of age).
  • You must be the dominant member of the household. If not, your terrier will assert itself as the head of your household. Do not let this happen.
  • Start training when the puppy comes home for the first time.
  • Be consistent! If not, you will confuse your terrier.
  • Use positive re-enforcement techniques if possible; reward good behavior; ignore bad.
  • Attend a obedience (i.e., puppy kindergarden) class (to socialize your puppy).
  • Teach your terrier to listen to you. It may save its life.
  • Teach your terrier bed manners - don't allow a JR to growl or snap at you if it sleeps with you in your bed. This is a display of dominant behavior, often misinterpreted as a rude bed dog. Make your JR sleep in its own bed for a few nights if it exhibits this behavior.
  • You might try using a ticking clock in the puppy's bed to simulate the heartbeat of its mother. This helps it to sleep until it gets used to the new surroundings.
  • NEVER keep more than two Jack Russells in one area when you are not home to offer leadership and protection to them.
  • NEVER keep puppies with adult dogs who may grow tired of their youthful exhausting mouthy play.

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