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Submit Photo for Gallery/Caption Contest

If you have a photo that you think is perfect for the Jack Russell Picture Galleries, Caption Contest or Facebook, please send it to us for consideration. Before you do, please read our photo guidelines posted below.

Click here to Submit Photo for Consideration

  1. Only a portion of the photos submitted for consideration will be accepted into the Gallery.
  2. Your photo may be used in the Picture Gallery, Choice Gallery, Natural Gallery, Caption Contest, JRTCA Facebook page or elsewhere on the JRTCA web site.
  3. Minimum photo width: 500 pixels
  4. Maximum photo file size: 3 MBs (3,000,000 bytes)
  5. Because we receive so many pictures, it is not possible to inform you by email if your photo is going to be used.
  6. Things to Avoid: cluttered backgrounds, shadows, and flashbulb glare or flash reflections in the dog's eyes. The best photos are often taken from the dog's level (photographing a small terrier on the ground while you are standing above it usually results in awkward angles or a distorted image).
  7. Your photo may be modified (size, color balance, removal of background) at the webmaster's discretion.
  8. Send your photo to us for consideration.

** Your photo must be at least this wide **
<--------------- 500 pixels in width -------------> 500 pixels