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Jack Russell Terrier Obedience

Jack Russell Terrier Obedience

Obedience tests the training of terriers as they perform a series of exercises at the command of their handler.


JRTCA Obedience Rules

Download JRTCA Obedience Rules (PDF - 100K)

  • Deduction Types
  • General
  • Novice
  • Open
  • Utility
  • Bonus

Pre- Novice & Brace Obedience Rules

The same rules apply to Pre-Novice & Brace with the only exception is that they are done entirely on lead. There is no off-lead heeling pattern.

It would consist of:

  • On lead Heeling pattern
  • On lead Figure 8
  • On lead Recall
  • Stand for Exam
  • Honor Sit or Down (Handlers choice)

You may praise dog at any time. You may reward with treat after each completed exercise and only after the judge says "Exercise complete". This applies to all levels.

All other obedience rules are found on the CDSP website: www.companiondogsportsprogram.com

Please contact obedience trial chairman (Natalene Lamming) if you are not sure a judge is qualified to do the judging.

Rally rules can be found on the Cynosports Rally website: www.rallydogs.com. The rally signs can be downloaded and printed out.