Measure the Height of Your Jack Russell Terrier

Why Should I Have my Jack Russell Terrier's Height Measured? Racing! Go-to-Ground! Registration!

Measure the Height of Your Jack Russell Terrier

How To Measure Height

Measure HeightAccurate Measurements are important when completing your registration application or obtaining a height card. Please use the following as a guideline.

Measure the dog's height from the point of the shoulder (wither) to the ground. Stand the terrier square, with all four feet balanced properly under the dog; be sure front and rear legs are standing naturally, not stretched out in front or behind. Feel the highest point of the shoulder bones (this is called the "wither").

Place the wicket over the terrier's back, approximately perpendicular with the front legs (as shown in the straight line marked (a) in the above diagram). If you are using fixed wicket, sit the wicket comfortably over the back; it is permissible to press LIGHTLY till the wicket just touches the back. If you are using a movable wicket, slide the horizontal bar down (or place the flat part of the wicket if it is a fixed wicket) until it touches the terrier's back comfortably (do not push hard), at the highest point of the wither. This is the accurate height of your terrier. If you do not have a wicket, you can put a level object across the dog's back at the wither, then measure to the floor with a ruler or measuring tape.

Note - the measurement you provide in the registration application will be used for registration purposes. However, if you are showing your terrier, you may want to have a conformation judge measure your terrier with official JRTCA wickets to be assured you are exhibiting in the correct height division. To measure the dog's chest size, use a measuring tape and wrap it around the dog's body just behind the front legs (as shown in the dotted line marked (c) in the above diagram). To measure the dog's length, use a measuring tape from the point of the wither to the end of the back (just before the tail) (as shown in the straight line marked (b) in the above diagram).

Why Should I Have my Terrier's Height Measured?

WicketIf your terrier enjoys racing or GTG, and may be "borderline," you may acquire an official measurement and height card once registered/recorded.

You will need to measure your terrier's height for registration purposes and also for determining which height division to enter a terrier in at Trials. If you are unable to get an accurate measurement of your terrier or are close to a height of 10 inches, 12 1/2 inches or 15 inches (lowest, middle and highest heights allowed by JRTCA Breed Standard), you should have your terrier measured at a sanctioned JRTCA trial where American Conformation Judges are either judging or attending.

In order to obtain a JRTCA Height Card, your terrier must be measured by two Conformation Judges. Each judge will then enter your terrier's height on a JRTCA Height Card Measurement Form. After you have two measurements, these forms should be sent to the JRTCA Judges Committee with a nominal processing fee. You will be issued a JRTCA Height Card. Once a terrier has been measured by a JRTCA Judge, that measurement becomes the official measurement of that dog until and if a JRTCA Height Card is issued, and the terrier must be shown in the proper height division accordingly.

We highly recommend that you get a Height Card if you plan on racing your Jack Russell Terrier at a Trial. If a fellow competitor asks to have your terrier measured, you can present your Height Card to the Racing Judge who will honor the official measurement of your terrier.