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Is the Jack Russell Terrier the Right Dog for You?

Please run our profiler before you decide if I am the breed for you and your family.Many experienced, as well as inexperienced, dog owners are overwhelmed by the demands of a Jack Russell Terrier, leading to the dogs being abandoned even before they reach adulthood. We've developed the Jack Russell Terrier Profiler program that analyzes you and your environment and provides recommendations about how compatible a Jack Russell Terrier might be for your household.

Important The recommendations of the Profiler are based upon the Bad Dog Talk which has been one of the JRTCA's primary education tools for several years. Many of the recommendations generated by the Profiler are phrased as absolutes and generalities, however, in real life, nothing is absolute. Each JRT and potential owner are unique.

We realize that many potential owners may be discouraged by the information generated by the Profiler. Our intention is to be as honest as possible about this breed. We have far too many terriers in Rescue that should never have been purchased by their original owners. Many did not realized the unique requirements and characteristics of the Jack Russell Terrier. Please use this Profiler in the spirit for which it was intended - to help educate potential owners about the unique nature of the Jack Russell Terrier.

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