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Displaying the most recent [last 30] LOST postings

Location Lost Dog Name Date Lost Contact Name/Email Contact Phone
Toronto, Canada Milo 03/11/2015 Shima4169378027
Milo is neutered male microchiped with collar with name and number he is all white with left brown eye patch on both his ears. Went missing on our hike at havenbrook park at donmills and Sheppard. He is 7 years old and loves people. He enjoys playing fetch and greatly missed. Please call and reward will be granted if found.
Oregonia, OH Tucker 03/07/2015 Angie5133754185
Smooth coat, short legs, docked tail, male, reddish brown markings on head and spot on rear.
SW RANCHES, FL Charlie 03/06/2015 RoxanaPio
Charlie is 14 years old and a little hard of hearing. She was seen on Friday morning at 5am in Sw Ranches at our home off of Sw 192nd Terrace and 49th Street. She is white/tan and about 12-14lbs. Reward if found. Please call me at 954-554-3093.
Bloomfield, IN Sadie 03/04/2015 Braden8123843087
Sadie is mostly white with brown and black eye patches and someplace spots on her back. She was wearing a blue collar.
Peoria, AZ Lexi 02/28/2015 Barbara602-545-2843
Lexi is a female, 10 years old, all white with a tan/beige colored ear. She had no color on. Missing since 1am on 2/28/15.
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO Vincent 02/17/2015 Amy Leger5734501640
Vincent is a 2-year-old neutered Jack Russell. He is white with a tan half-mask. His was wearing a blue collar and is chipped.
Melrose, FL Angel 01/24/2015 Trish Ray352-219-6940
Angel was last seen inside our home at 4pm on the 24th. She is a predominantly white female with a red head. Her face is greying with age. She is small (10 pounds) with prick ears and short legs and a smooth coat. She was wearing a faded pink collar.
Georgetown, CA Trigger 01/14/2015 Michelle or Jason(530)457-7324 or (775)781-4900
Trigger is white with a brown face. He is an 11 yr old unaltered male. He went missing from our home on January 14 and our family misses him terribly. He is very friendly but can be shy. We are offering a reward for his return and would greatly appreciate any and all information you may have. Please call us.
Ridgefield, CT Charlie 01/06/2015 Olivia9142173314
Charlie is white with short fur and has a brown spot over her eye and a black spot on her back. We have a $2000 reward to anyone who finds her.
oceanside, CA Snoopy 12/28/2014 Lili7603058727
Snoopy is all white with tan ears and a lighter tan over his right eye. He has short wired hair and he was last seen at the corner of Thunder Dr. and Jonathon St in Oceanside wearing a red coat. If found please call or return to the humane society in oceanside. Thx
paris, TN Lil 12/22/2014 BRANDON9105465297
White with Brown, full tail that curls. Friendly but timid.
paris, TN Lil 12/22/2014 BRANDON9105465297
White with Brown, full tail that curls. Friendly but timid.
Bloomington, IN Levi 12/19/2014 Trampass812-325-5264
Brown and white with black mixed in brown.Whiete on belly,chest,back of neck,front legs,4 paws and face, beautiful brown eyes,male,neutered,6 yrs old 22 lbs
port saint lucie, FL gidget 12/18/2014 blair watt(772) 607-3697
His an older dog nearly deaf and complete blind his missed by alot of peopl please make sure he comes home safe thank u.
Medford, MA Cody 12/17/2014 Bella781-334-8364
Brockton, MA Cody 12/17/2014 Judith Ham5088977514
My dog Cody has been missing since about December 17, 2014. My friendís brother took him across the street to the park and took his leash off to run and play with him. Cody saw a dog and ran after it. Cody was last seen near Fulton street and 343 Fellsway West where my friend lives.Cody is a mild-tempered dog with a fear of loud noises, brooms and things falling. He is white with black and tan markings on his face, neck and base of the tail and a large black spot on his back. Under his fur, you can see black spots. He is somewhere around ten inches high, but he is scared of the ruler so I could never get an accurate reading. He weighs about 20 Lbs.
Richardson, TX Molly 12/16/2014 Sarah Jones2142986726
Molly is a 10 year old female with black and white fur. She is mostly white with a black spot on her back and a black face. She has a thick coat and long wirey hair. She looks like a tiny cow. There is a reward. She was last seen in the Plano rd./ Buckingham area. Molly responds wrll to her name and she is also very friendly!
Cave Creek, AZ Katie 12/15/2014 Keena908-515-5180
Katie is a 15lb spayed female tricolor JRT, smooth coat, black head, white body, tan spots over eyes, thin white stripe between eyes, tan cheeks, black spot at base of tail, tail itself is white.Katie was being walked in Desert Willow Park when she was frightened by a large, unleashed dog. She backed out of her harness and the dog chased her off into the desert bordering the park. Lost 12/15, Sighted at park 12/19, sighted one-half mile away from park on Christmas Day. Search dogs indicate she may have been picked up at the corner of 40th and Tatum across from iAzure Creek apartment complex.
Herndon, VA benny 12/11/2014 jackie
needs meds, please return reward offered
Bloomington, IN skip 12/03/2014 brandi8123254099
Skip has been taken by a disgruntled neighbor. I don't believe they would harm him so I believe they have taken him off. This is the 4rth time they have done this. We have found him every time. He brown/white and sits on booty for attention. Has black collar.He could be anywhere. Thanks for any info.
Eagle Point, OR Rocco 12/02/2014 Michelle Davies541 826-8901
Rocco is a tri/smooth intact male, 12 3/4". He got out of his kennel during a storm. He is friendly and good with other dogs...cats unknown. Reward offered.
Medford, NY Racer 10/24/2014 Denise347-256-6768
"Racer"6 year old, male, Jack Russell Terrier18 lbs., white with brown markings
Redding, CA Woedy 10/21/2014 Kelsey coduti5302449572
Male, brown and white. Distinct head markings and answers to woedy. Microchiped
Jetersville, VA Allie 10/17/2014 Danny Taylor804-380-0326
12 year old female, white body with brown patches on both eyes with a white between the eyes.
Chenango Forks, NY Chester 10/11/2014 JoAnne6076922209
Chester disappeared from his home in Chenango Forks/Triangle, NY, on October 11, 2014. He is about 11 years old, white with brown ears, a brown nose and a brown spot at the base of his back/tail. He had a gray flea collar on when he left. He was 17 lbs. at the time of disappearance. There is a $500 reward for his safe return.
Chenango Forks, NY Chester 10/11/2014 JoAnne Frechette607-692-2209
Chester disappeared from his home in the Chenango Forks/Triangle area of New York. He is an 11 year old wiry-haired, neutered male, white with brown ears and nose and brown at the base of his tail. He may not come to his name and may be somewhat timid. There is a reward for his safe return.
Norwood, CO Zippy 10/07/2014 Wynn
13 year old male Jack Russell. White, wire hair, one brown ear. Dog got out of back yard while I was at work. He is microchipped.
Mesquite, TX Sobrena 10/03/2014 Linda Bellamy214 929-4407
Jack Russell Terrier white with tan head. One large tan spot on left side. Female, 14 years old, let out of yard by worker.
Kirkland, WA Henry 09/27/2014 Tracy206-300-2500
Please help return Henry, our very loved Jack Russell family dog. He's white with brown ears, brown down his back with a brown/black tail. He is very friendly. We miss him dearly. Thank you kindly.
Ferris, TX smudge 09/15/2014 larry9402731678
white with brown...three spots lined on head back tailReward

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