Jack Russell Terrier Picture Caption Contest Results

The following are the results from our Picture Caption Contests for 2015-2016.

Jack Russell Terrier Picture Caption Contest Results

Results from Contest # 630 [September 10, 2016 - 20 entries]

Contest #630 1st place Let Snoopy go after the Red Baron - I have bigger planes to fly! [votes: 10]  Kay
2nd place Ace Russell on duty! [votes: 9]  zig
3rd place And the Amerian swimmer takes the gold for the dog paddle. [votes: 8]  Kat
Honorable Mentions
  • Captain Jack of the Ninth squadron [votes: 7]
  • O'er the la-and of the TREEEEEATS, and the home of the jack! [votes: 6]
  • Have you seen the Red Barron? [votes: 4]
  • Curse you Red Baron! [votes: 3]
  • Was that my Douglas XBTD-2 Destroyer taking off without me? [votes: 2]
  • Easy Rider [votes: 2]
  • Who's the cute rivet girl working on my plane? [votes: 1]
  • 200 meters is tough when you can't use your floaties! [votes: 1]
  • Yes this Air Medal is heavy, but somebody's gotta do it! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 629 [August 15, 2016 - 32 entries]

Contest #629 1st place Jack Cousteau [votes: 14]  Michael
2nd place I'm off to find Dory! [votes: 5]  Anonymous
3rd place It is in fact a vacuum and not a monster as I suspected. [votes: 4]  Shelley Prather
Honorable Mentions
  • I heard a ship full of tennis balls sank this morning. See ya in a bit! [votes: 4]
  • You coming in? The water's great! [votes: 2]
  • My, what big goggles you have Grandma!! [votes: 2]
  • I'm too sexy for my goggles! [votes: 2]
  • What? The chlorine burns my eyes! [votes: 1]
  • Can't you see? I need the 1.21 Gigawatts to power the flux capacitor. [votes: 1]
  • Has anybody seen my nose clip? [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 628 [July 27, 2016 - 21 entries]

Contest #628 1st place Enough please! Get a room! [votes: 8]  Sadie's Mom
2nd place I hate being in the middle of these two. [votes: 7]  Roy
3rd place Two's company, but three's a crowd! [votes: 6]  kvines
Honorable Mentions
  • How about me? Hey, down here! [votes: 5]
  • It's just puppy love. [votes: 5]
  • Mom, Dad, you're embarrassing me! [votes: 4]
  • No caption can justify how stinking cute this picture is! [votes: 2]
  • What happens when you both finish eating the one spaghetti strand. [votes: 2]
  • They said to keep our noses clean... Really. [votes: 2]
  • Hey break it up, there are kids watching. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 627 [July 1, 2016 - 27 entries]

Contest #627 1st place You look that way...I'll look this way....He is in a big brown truck and wears a brown suit....get ready!! [votes: 9]  001nitro
2nd place The car is almost down the block...it's time to party! [votes: 7]  Mary
3rd place Squirrel alert! [votes: 5]  Sara
Honorable Mentions
  • Hmm.. A new cat just moved next door! Let the games begin! [votes: 4]
  • You take their orders and I'll ring them up. [votes: 3]
  • . . . and they lived happily ever after. [votes: 2]
  • I love the smell of squirrel in the morning. [votes: 2]
  • I hate being grounded, next time i'll hide the evidence! [votes: 2]
  • High Def? We don't get it... [votes: 1]
  • No cat is going to get by us [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 626 [June 15, 2016 - 30 entries]

Contest #626 1st place Puppourri anyone? [votes: 6]  Carol Guthrie
2nd place Yikes! That was one bad tasting Cat! [votes: 5]  Mary Tschida
3rd place She said we were cute enough to eat, now we're in the fruit basket? [votes: 4]  Vicki R
Honorable Mentions
  • Which side of a Jack Russell has the most spots? The outside! [votes: 3]
  • Waiter, there're Jacks in my soup... [votes: 3]
  • Jokes on them...we ate the grapes and they're coming back as raisins. [votes: 2]
  • Yikes! That puppy chow is awful! [votes: 2]
  • That joke about jack russell puppies is hilarious! [votes: 2]
  • Oh please! At least wrap a towel around yourself! [votes: 1]
  • Who needs a teacup yorkie when you can have two sandwich plates Jacks. [votes: 1]
  • Look at our sister---now that's baby fat! Geez Sis---lay off the milk! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 625 [May 1, 2016 - 62 entries]

Contest #625 1st place MOM, the movie's starting. Hurry with the popcorn! [votes: 10]  001nitro
2nd place Why are we watching the Yoga channel? [votes: 5]  Kate
3rd place What did we do last night?? [votes: 4]  Amy S
Honorable Mentions
  • Sorry folks, we seem to be encountering some turbulence... [votes: 4]
  • I can't believe I ate the whoooole thing! [votes: 3]
  • Hi there, my name is Horizontal and my Buddy here is Vertical. [votes: 3]
  • Weebles wobble but they don't fall down! [votes: 2]
  • Now pay attention - THIS is vertical and THIS is horizontal. [votes: 2]
  • That's no way to beg, watch me. [votes: 2]
  • Too much Cinco de Mayo for me! [votes: 2]
  • Does this pose make me look fat? [votes: 2]
  • Someone spiked our water bowl. [votes: 1]
  • I feel like Chinese Food tonight, how about you? [votes: 1]
  • Dude, Where's my car? [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 624 [April 1, 2016 - 45 entries]

Contest #624 1st place A little more to the right. [votes: 21]  ginger
2nd place Jack Scratch Fever. [votes: 20]  a garcia
3rd place The world would be a better place if everybody took time for a tummy rub. [votes: 15]  Holly Bear
Honorable Mentions
  • Splendor in the grass [votes: 13]
  • my top half wants to chase a squirrel but the bottom half really likes the scratch. Life is so complicated. [votes: 12]
  • Help me I've fallen and can't get up. [votes: 11]
  • Rub my belly and make a wish! [votes: 11]
  • Future belly dancer. [votes: 9]
  • Knee high to a grasshopper. [votes: 9]
  • You playin' connect the dots? [votes: 7]
  • Please stop checking! I don't HAVE a belly button! [votes: 7]
  • Undercarriage barely 51 percent pink. [votes: 5]
  • Rub My Belly [votes: 4]

Results from Contest # 623 [Feb 15, 2016 - 37 entries]

Contest #623 1st place I love ewe too. [votes: 25]  Daisy's m0m
2nd place But here's the best part, after all this time--they still think the cat just ran away! [votes: 18]  Joanie
3rd place Jack decided to use his sheepish grin. [votes: 17]  Becky

Honorable Mentions

  • Ewe had me at Hello. [votes: 13]
  • I could use a new sweater. [votes: 13]
  • I am not a herding dog. [votes: 12]
  • 1-2-3-4- I'm getting sleepy. [votes: 10]
  • Now look guys I can explain. [votes: 8]
  • Are you my mother? [votes: 5]
  • We're not gossiping....we're networking. [votes: 4]
  • mmmm mmmm good! [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 622 [Jan 15, 2016 - 66 entries]

Contest #622 1st place I'm gettin to that trial one way or another... [votes: 10]  Jill-Marie
2nd place Of course I can drive... I have a license. [votes: 9]  holly bear
3rd place Somebody press the garage remote or we're not getting out of here. [votes: 8]  daisy's mom

Honorable Mentions

  • I'll handle the steering, you just work the pedals. [votes: 7]
  • OK crew, Jack-in-the-Box drive-thru dead ahead! [votes: 7]
  • Move it, Lady!! Yer' killin' me!! [votes: 7]
  • Still smarter than the average driver. [votes: 6]
  • Being an Uber driver is awesome [votes: 5]
  • Outta' my way! I gotta' get to the Super Bowl !! [votes: 4]
  • Why am I always the designated driver at Christmas? [votes: 4]
  • okay, I've checked the SuperBowl rule book. It doesn't say no Jack Russells. [votes: 3]
  • JRT Road Rage [votes: 3]
  • Don't make me turn this car around! [votes: 1]
  • Uber Russell Terrier [votes: 1]
  • I hate evening traffic. [votes: 1]
  • Yes officer but your point is? [votes: 0]

Results from Contest # 621 [Dec 21, 2015 - 89 entries]

Contest #621 1st place so...it's a bad hair day. [votes: 15]  001nitro
2nd place Jerry Garcia's dog's Great-grandson. [votes: 12]  Susan P
3rd place Yes, we still are the smartest and most stylish breed. [votes: 10]  Heidi Millar

Honorable Mentions

  • My reading club photo [votes: 9]
  • Like... is this contest ever going to end? [votes: 9]
  • Jack Richards [votes: 9]
  • What a supermodel looks like on her day off. [votes: 8]
  • Oh, grandma..what big reading glasses you have! [votes: 8]
  • Hipster Jack! [votes: 7]
  • That last wave was totally awesome dude!! [votes: 5]
  • Time to call 1-800-Contacts... [votes: 4]
  • Turns out my mother was right about everything :) [votes: 4]
  • Look at me. I'm as lovely like a kitten up a tree. [votes: 3]
  • Orange you glad I didn't say bandana? [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 620 [Oct 14, 2015 - 55 entries]

Contest #620 1st place Jumping Jack Splash [votes: 36]  Lori
2nd place ...and NEVER get them wet. [votes: 30]  Lilo's Mom
3rd place Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... [votes: 19]  Anya

Honorable Mentions

  • No Mom this is not the same as a bath [votes: 17]
  • We'll finish filling the pool as soon as I get control of the hose. [votes: 14]
  • MINE! [votes: 12]
  • Hoser! [votes: 11]
  • The dog days of summer [votes: 9]
  • Splish Splash! Quit singing THAT song! [votes: 7]
  • WATER PARK! [votes: 6]
  • Just goes to prove - Jack-n-water don't mix [votes: 5]
  • Shake it Off, just Shake it off [votes: 5]
  • Water is fun [votes: 5]
  • Jack Russell Flashdance [votes: 4]
  • I am not taking a bath! [votes: 4]

Results from Contest # 619 [September 1, 2015 - 58 entries]

Contest #619 1st place I can't face another Monday!! [votes: 19]  Pixie's mom
2nd place I don't want to be a dog today. [votes: 10]  001nitro
3rd place One of two extremes. [votes: 8]  John Anderson

Honorable Mentions

  • 2nd place in the Jack Russell hide and seek contest. [votes: 7]
  • Crumb hunter [votes: 7]
  • But mom, I don't want you to go to work! [votes: 7]
  • Jack thinks... if he can't see you then you cannot see him... NOT! [votes: 6]
  • I have lost my head! [votes: 6]
  • Jack was STILL recovering from the fireworks display. [votes: 5]
  • I found a cat this way once... this time all I see are a few pennies, sigh. [votes: 4]
  • Dog days of summer [votes: 4]
  • I still can't find my bone! [votes: 4]
  • That Febreeze gets me every time. [votes: 4]
  • Pillow Talk [votes: 4]
  • I can't be bothered with you right now. [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 618 [August 1, 2015 - 44 entries]

Contest #618 1st place What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine. Understood? [votes: 28]  Josh Johnson
2nd place Tell me where the bully is; I will take care of it. [votes: 23]  Queenie
3rd place Tag you're it! [votes: 16]  Toni G.

Honorable Mentions

  • Talk to the paw! [votes: 15]
  • My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die. [votes: 14]
  • Are you my mother? [votes: 12]
  • Now, for the Vulcan mind-meld... [votes: 12]
  • Oooo....Granny, what big eyes you have! [votes: 12]
  • Hold still while I get a look at that face of yours [votes: 11]
  • There there, don't cry. [votes: 9]
  • Just breathe....it'll be ok [votes: 8]
  • I'm a big dog also... [votes: 8]
  • you are now one of us. [votes: 7]
  • I know you didn't mean it. [votes: 5]
  • Nice puppy [votes: 4]
  • You are healed!! [votes: 4]
  • Puppy love [votes: 3]

Results from Contest # 617 [June 28, 2015 - 72 entries]

Contest #617 1st place Bark-o-lounger [votes: 18]  herman
2nd place Don't worry, Dad. We've got ya' covered! [votes: 8]  Terry P.
3rd place Lazy Boys! [votes: 8]  Lori

Honorable Mentions

  • Just like patato chips. You just can't have one. [votes: 8]
  • Dog Day Afternoon [votes: 6]
  • A fifth of Jack... [votes: 5]
  • Jack Stack [votes: 4]
  • There is always room for one more. [votes: 4]
  • This man has a serious case of dogs... [votes: 3]
  • The door isn't locked for our safety, it's locked for your safety. [votes: 3]
  • Cinco Di Jacko [votes: 3]
  • To every Jack, his owner is King. [votes: 3]
  • Dad, you're hogging the chair!!! [votes: 2]
  • Happiness is... this! [votes: 2]
  • Make room for daddy. [votes: 1]
  • Dad,wake up! [votes: 0]

Results from Contest # 616 [June 7, 2015 - 72 entries]

Contest #616 1st place Jack Pot [votes: 23]  mp
2nd place Russell Sprouts [votes: 15]  Sandog
3rd place I'm Jack. Where's this beanstalk I've heard so much about? [votes: 10]  Capman

Honorable Mentions

  • Add sunshine, dirt and love to grow your own forever friend. [votes: 10]
  • Terrier-cotta pot. [votes: 10]
  • Jack was bloomin crazy! [votes: 9]
  • When you live in an apartment, you have to take advantage of dirt when you find it! [votes: 8]
  • Jack-O-Planter [votes: 7]
  • I'm grounded and laying roots. [votes: 7]
  • Good dog, gone to pot. [votes: 6]
  • That's a fine JRT you're growing there. [votes: 6]
  • Water me! [votes: 4]
  • Potty training. [votes: 3]
  • Only dirt for miles! [votes: 3]
  • Just keeping the flowers warm. [votes: 3]
  • This is my dry spot... [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 615 [May 17, 2015 - 45 entries]

Contest #615 1st place That's how I roll. [votes: 17]  m dub
2nd place I didn't want to drag my butt on the carpet... [votes: 16]  Mary Tschida
3rd place Jack was exhausted after a morning of playing Cat Mummy. [votes: 15]  Joanie

Honorable Mentions

  • Yeah ... you don't want to come under here right now... [votes: 13]
  • I'm, um, just cleaning up after the cat. [votes: 12]
  • It followed me in here... [votes: 11]
  • What makes you think I did it? [votes: 11]
  • A little privacy please! [votes: 7]
  • Get r' Done [votes: 7]
  • A special surprise for Mother's day... [votes: 6]
  • I'm suffering here, suffering. Have you never had a cold? [votes: 5]
  • 600 sheets...this is gonna' be a great day! [votes: 4]
  • Wsup? I just woke up. How'd that get here? [votes: 3]

Results from Contest # 614 [April 27, 2015 - 52 entries]

Contest #614 1st place Eight IS enough [votes: 26]  CODFIN
2nd place Kids Dine Free Night at the "All You Can Eat Buffet" [votes: 21]  Joanie
3rd place Think tank for rodent eradication. [votes: 14]  Ripsnrt

Honorable Mentions

  • You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out! You put your left foot in and you shake it all about! [votes: 11]
  • Circle of friends [votes: 7]
  • Knights of the Round Table [votes: 6]
  • You spin me right round, baby! Right round like a record, baby! Right round round round! [votes: 6]
  • Are there any spirits of the dead in this room with us? [votes: 5]
  • It must be here somewhere! [votes: 5]
  • He loves me, he loves me not. [votes: 4]
  • Soo-ee Soo-ee [votes: 3]
  • Terrier octagon [votes: 3]
  • The second hand musta fallen off [votes: 2]
  • Circle the wagons! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 613 [April 13, 2015 - 90 entries]

Contest #613 1st place Lick clean cycle. [votes: 19]  Judy
2nd place But there was left over food still on the plates. [votes: 15]  kd of melb
3rd place Have you seen my bowl? [votes: 11]  Jayme's mom

Honorable Mentions

  • Busted. [votes: 8]
  • I am NOT dishwasher safe!!! [votes: 6]
  • Can't I take a bath in the tub like normal people? [votes: 6]
  • No need to clean these Mom... [votes: 6]
  • Can I go around again? [votes: 6]
  • You missed a spot! [votes: 5]
  • Quality control. [votes: 4]
  • The only way to stay 51% white! [votes: 4]
  • Cleanup crew. [votes: 3]
  • All done! Didn't I do a good job? [votes: 2]
  • I just wanted dessert, mom! [votes: 1]
  • Wait a minute.....you mean this is like taking a bath?? [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 612 [March 15, 2015 - 73 entries]

Contest #612 1st place What do you mean there are two little kids at the door, crying for their ball back? [votes: 23]  Joanie
2nd place Ball? What ball? [votes: 20]  Captain Jack's Mom
3rd place Don't even think about it! [votes: 15]  Susan

Honorable Mentions

  • Seriously? You put this in the trash? [votes: 15]
  • March Madness [votes: 9]
  • I notice that you are coveting my lovely green ball.... it is a pity that you will surely die in your attempt to take it. [votes: 8]
  • Understand one thing,, this is my ball, not yours. [votes: 8]
  • I'm sorry......is this YOUR ball? [votes: 8]
  • Finders Keepers...right? [votes: 8]
  • Go ahead...make my day [votes: 7]
  • Hey Mom, take a picture of my new grill. [votes: 3]
  • Want to play doubles? [votes: 2]
  • Tennis anyone? [votes: 2]
  • This photo shoot is even worse than the one sitting on Santa's lap! [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 611 [February 16, 2015 - 68 entries]

Contest #611 1st place He is right behind me, isn't he... [votes: 36]  Herman
2nd place Move the blanket, lose a finger! [votes: 15]  Lilo's Mom
3rd place I can not be bothered - talk to the photobomber! [votes: 13]  Emmy's Mom

Honorable Mentions

  • Tell me how cold it is outside first. [votes: 13]
  • Just let me sleep and I promise I won't make your day a living hell... [votes: 12]
  • Just because YOU have to get up is no reason to disturb us! [votes: 11]
  • This better be good... [votes: 11]
  • This doesn't mean we are engaged or anything. [votes: 10]
  • I am not a morning dog. [votes: 10]
  • This day starts when I say it starts. [votes: 9]
  • The name is Russell, Jack Russell. [votes: 8]
  • Turn that light OFF! [votes: 7]
  • Leave me alone; I'm sleeping in today, and tomorrow, and the next day.... [votes: 6]
  • I hate it when we get guests. [votes: 4]
  • Monday who? [votes: 4]
  • ahhh... this sleep number bed is just right! [votes: 3]
  • Yes, I am adorable... Now let me go back to sleep! [votes: 2]
  • Somebody has dog breath! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 610 [February 2, 2015 - 78 entries]

Contest #610 1st place See! I didn't eat the Cat! [votes: 15]  Mary Tschida
2nd place Place treats here!! [votes: 12]  Terry P.
3rd place SQUIRREL!!!!! [votes: 11]  Ken

Honorable Mentions

  • C'mon, buddy. Throw it long. Get that bacon right in here!! [votes: 10]
  • See Mom, no squirrel! [votes: 9]
  • Smile like you just don't care!! [votes: 9]
  • Look maw! No cavities! [votes: 8]
  • Yay! Pizza! [votes: 8]
  • Look, No more baby teeth. [votes: 6]
  • But Mooooom! I don't wanna go to obedience school!!!!!! [votes: 5]
  • Practicing for a trip to the dentist! [votes: 4]
  • Biscuit keeper! [votes: 4]
  • Here comes that delicious looking mailman! [votes: 3]
  • Feed me Seymour----feed me now!!!!! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 609 [January 18, 2015 - 51 entries]

Contest #609 1st place Car Jacking in progress. [votes: 20]  Ken
2nd place Are we there yet??? [votes: 16]  Sassy's mom
3rd place A Jack and a spare. [votes: 13]  Herman

Honorable Mentions

  • Two quarter pounders with cheese----PLEASE! [votes: 10]
  • DON'T make us come back there!! [votes: 9]
  • FYI...we left some 'junk' in your trunk. [votes: 8]
  • Just wait until she gets on the highway, then we'll jump in the front seat! [votes: 7]
  • Did he say vegetarian or Veterinarian?!! [votes: 5]
  • You missed the turn to the terrier trial. How could you drive right past the sign? [votes: 5]
  • I spy something brown... [votes: 5]
  • Hi, we are Thelma & Louise. [votes: 5]
  • Take us to the Fun Day and nobody gets hurt. [votes: 3]
  • Back seat barkers. [votes: 3]
  • We are the most interesting dogs in the world. [votes: 3]
  • Now that you are lost, we will take over with directions. [votes: 2]
  • But we always have to ride in the back! [votes: 2]
  • Jack Bros cabbie service drew mighty few repeat customers. [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 608 [January 11, 2015 - 57 entries]

Contest #608 1st place Mom, where is my big red ball? [votes: 17]  Lori
2nd place Hey Lady! You have got a serious rodent issue under here! [votes: 11]  Rizzo
3rd place Ahh! The 'top shelf' treats! [votes: 9]  Vickie E

Honorable Mentions

  • I know she hides my treats in here somewhere... [votes: 7]
  • This will definitely require us to take a ride in the car to the Home Depot. [votes: 5]
  • Vitamins, nail clippers, training clicker...where does she keep the treats? [votes: 5]
  • I smell BACON!!!! [votes: 5]
  • Now if I could just find those treats I like then we could party! [votes: 4]
  • There is no place safe from a Jack Russell. [votes: 4]
  • Maybe if I hold really still she won't notice... [votes: 4]
  • If a JRT can't go to ground outside, he'll do the next best thing inside. [votes: 3]
  • shelf surfing. [votes: 3]
  • Wait wait, don't shut the door yet! [votes: 2]
  • Jack lays in his supplies before the big snowstorm. [votes: 2]
  • If I can't see you, you can't see me... [votes: 1]
  • Can this count as time out? [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 607 [January 4, 2015 - 43 entries]

Contest #607 1st place Sniff, sniff, sniff. Possum? No. Skunk? No. Cat? Maybe. [votes: 14]  Terry P.
2nd place One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi [votes: 13]  Amy S.
3rd place How do you think he got his leg hiked up that high anyway? [votes: 12]  Allie

Honorable Mentions

  • Barking up the wrong tree [votes: 10]
  • There must be a Great Dane in the neighborhood [votes: 8]
  • Aren't the rest of us supposed to run and hide? [votes: 7]
  • Jack Russell social network. [votes: 6]
  • Our bite is worse than your bark. [votes: 5]
  • We just love the smaell of varmit in the morning! [votes: 5]
  • Come out, come out, whoever you are! [votes: 4]
  • Ahhh! That was too long of a trip! [votes: 2]
  • They said don't bark....not don't EAT the bark! [votes: 2]
  • Ok guys..We need to save this tree! [votes: 1]