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JRTCA Sanctioned Trial Rule Book

Trial Rules

The JRTCA sanctions trials throughout the US to ensure a fair and standardized competition and the safety of exhibitors and terriers.


Trials provide an opportunity for Jack Russell Terrier owners to get to know each other, get together with terrier friends and in general have a good time with their terriers. They also provide the necessary opportunity to see breeding stock from around the country. This interaction between fellow breeders, as well as between breeders and other Jack Russell enthusiasts fosters continued improvement in the breeding of quality terriers.

The JRTCA sanctions trials throughout the US to ensure a fair and standardized competition and the safety of exhibitors and terriers. These Rules have been established over many years, with the input of many people, both trial chairpersons and exhibitors alike. They are designed to ensure the integrity and consistency of sanctioned trials. It is in the best interest of the terriers, exhibitors and trial organizers that these Rules be followed. This booklet was designed to assist JRTCA members better understand what to expect at a sanctioned trial and the rules governing the actual running of the trial. It is an attempt to enable every trial to run smoothly and be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The JRTCA National and Regional Trials require the combined efforts of a large number of individuals; there is no single organizer or individual responsible for their organization and execution. There is therefore no restriction on showing for the many individuals involved in the implementation of National and Regional Trials. All exhibitors must be current JRTCA members to exhibit in these trials. The JRTCA Board of Directors reserves the right to offer additional classes and there are some variations to the rules that are specific and necessary to National and Regional Trials. Any variations to the rules will be clearly outlined in the flyers specific to those events. Please be sure to review those flyers carefully; it is your responsibility as an exhibitor to abide by the rules.

Please donít hesitate to contact anyone on the Trial Committee if you have any questions. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome.

2016 Sanctioned Trial Rule Book (PDF - 942K)

Hosting a Sanctioned JRTCA Trial (PDF - 60K)

Changes to Rule Book for 2016


A new class has been added to the Breeders' Section as follows.
Class ___: Family Working Class. Open to Working Stud Dogs and Working Brood Bitches with at least two, but no more than three adult working offspring at side. All terriers in the ring must have earned and received one or more JRTCA Natural Hunting Certificates. OPTIONAL

Super Earth:

A new class has been added to Super Earth as follows.
Class ___: 6 up to 12 Month Puppy Championship Super Earth. Open to 6 up to 12 month JRT puppies which have earned 100% in an Open 6 up to 12 Month Super Earth Puppy Class at this or a previous JRTCA Trial. A copy of a 100% score sheet must be presented with Pre-Entry or be shown to the Den Steward at the time of the class. First and second place winners will be Puppy Super Earth Champion and Reserve. OPTIONAL

PLEASE NOTE: Open Puppy Super Earth class is now "OPTIONAL" as well.


Agility On-Lead and Off-Lead classes have now been combined into one class. The Youth may choose whether they wish to compete with their terrier on-lead or off-lead.