Jack Russell Terrier Club of America - JRTCA Preserve, Protect and Work the Jack Russell Terrier

Benefits of JRTCA Membership

True Grit Magazine

… the JRTCA magazine for all members. Entertaining and educational reading for all Jack Russell Terrier enthusiasts!

The most important reason to join the JRTCA is to support the preservation and protection of the Jack Russell Terrier. However, as a member there are many benefits!

TRUE GRIT… the JRTCA magazine for all members

  • Published quarterly.
  • Special interest Jack Russell stories and photos from members
  • Important veterinarian articles
  • Photos of trial and bronze medallion winners
  • Listing of terriers earning JRTCA certificates
  • Classified section available for advertising
  • Entertaining and educational reading for all Jack Russell enthusiasts!
  • Read sample articles from True Grit

JRTCA Terrier Trials

  • Terrier trials are likely the most fun any Jack Russell Terrier and their owner could possibly have.
  • From Racing, to Go-to-Ground, to Agility, to Super Earth, to the Conformation ring… you just can't imagine the fun for all unless you've been to one!
  • Meet and make friends with other terrier owners from your area and around the country.
  • Members handle and participate with their terriers in every event… there are no professional handlers!
  • JRTCA terrier trials are for the members and their families to enjoy, whether it is your first trial ever or your 100th !

JRTCA National Trial

  • Every year in October approximately 1,000 terriers and their owners join together for the JRTCA's National Trial.
  • This is likely the largest single-breed trial in the world, and for sure the largest Jack Russell Terrier event in the world.
  • From the many events and activities to shopping and terrier folks' parties, it's a great event.
  • It is open to all JRTCA members and their registered or recorded terriers; there are no other qualifications required to exhibit… everyone just comes and has fun!

JRTCA Certificate Programs

  • Your terrier can earn performance certificates in natural hunting, go-to-ground, agility, and obedience… and Jack Russells can do it all!

JRTCA Registry/Recording

  • Registering or recording your terrier is very important.
  • Your terrier becomes a part of the original breed club history/records.

JRTCA Breeders Directory and Stud Books

  • JRTCA members are offered listings in the JRTCA annual Directory of Breeders and periodic Stud Books.
  • These directories are distributed widely in hard copy and through the internet.
  • They are great sources of advertising, as well as a history of the terrier in the USA.

Support & Assistance When You Need It!

  • The JRTCA office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, to assist you as needed.
  • Unlimited free brochures are mailed to you on request for distributing to puppy buyers, or others potentially interested in the JRT.
  • Computerized pedigree service is available.
  • Gift store offers many Jack Russell related items.
  • Puppy packets to include a discount on membership are offered free of charge.
  • A network of JRTCA representatives throughout the country will offer assistance as needed.
  • Judging programs are available to those interested in judging.

Join the JRTCA today!