Training a Deaf Jack Russell Terrier

In order to train a deaf Jack Russell Terrier, it is important to work on the following steps on this page.

Deafness in Jack Russell Terriers

In order to train a deaf Jack Russell Terrier, it is important to work on the following:

  • Condition the terrier to react benignly whenever anything startles it
  • Teach the terrier to respond to hand signals as if they were verbal commands
  • Get the terrier to consistently watch you (the owner)
  • Use Hand Signals
  • Reward your terrier for paying attention to you
  • Reward the terrier with food every time it does something right - then move toward more random rewards
  • Emphasize the "come" command
  • Desensitize the terrier so that it will not be startled
    • Give treat when terrier wakes up
    • Pat terrier from behind - then reward
  • Always know where your deaf terrier is located
  • Always walk on a leash
  • Best if you have multiple pets (deaf terrier can takes cues from others)

What Causes Deafness in Dogs?

What causes a dog to lose its hearing? A lot of the same things that cause hearing loss in humans. Genetic defects can cause a dog to be born deaf; this is known as congenital deafness. A dog can also lose its hearing due to an ear infection, injury to the ear, or may experience gradual (or sudden) hearing loss due to old age. Exposure to loud noise can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss, as can certain drugs. A BAER test is the only 100% reliable method for determining that a dog is deaf (or for measuring the extent of its hearing loss).

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