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Location Lost Dog Name Date Lost Contact Name/Email Contact Phone
Hammonton, NJ Bizzy 07/26/2014 Hanna6093690104
Last seen in southern New Jersey around 6 am, never returned home. He has 3 brown spots on his back, a docked tail and floppy/bent ears. I miss hin dearly
kilmonck, VA casse 07/21/2014 steve8045777256
Miami, FL Abby 07/10/2014 Vanessa3053937148
Abby is three years old, she is mainly white with a brown patch on her right eye. She is really fit, pretty tall and is a smooth coat. She was lost on 7/10/14 around 137ave and 160th st. If you find her please do not hesitate to call!
Coquille, OR Kelly Girl (Kelly) 07/09/2014 Linda Byrd541-396-2442
Kelly is a female, Purebred Jack Russell Terrier. She is 6 yrs. old. She is spayed. She is a smooth haired, white with tan markings. Short legs and Short tail. She is very friendly. Good hunter! She came missing from Powers, Oregon. She went to the neighbors. And that is where she was last seen. There is a $100.00 Reward!
Clarkston, MI Ellie 07/07/2014 Fred2487017294
She's white with a brown spot on her right eye and she's kinda chubby and very hyper and sweet she has a short stubby tail and has been gone since 5 yesterday she's nine years old and she's a female she heard something in woods and darted with our other dog that came back but little one isn't back yet
Greenup, KY Bird 07/06/2014 Brian Claxon6063160154
Scottsville, KY Dagr 07/02/2014 David Wilson2705374428
2 year old male ran off during fireworks across the road
Massillon, OH Hollywoo 07/02/2014 Elm Ridge AH330-854-0100
Lost Jack Russell Terrier (Comet/Nimisila Road)Jack Russell Terrier is missing.Family pet. Red collar and tags.Heartsick.Answers to Hollywood
Utica, OH Pixie 06/21/2014 Cheryl614 406 1202
Pixie is 12 yrs old, white with black ears, small 10 lbs, very friendly with people, not so much with other dogs. She chased something into woods & never came back in Licking County near Knox County in Ohio
Seattle, WA Mr. T (or T) 06/17/2014 Tracy Lester(206) 271-2663
Male, approx 2yrs old, White body w/ large Black spots on torso. Black & Brown head (similar to Mini Doberman). My teen daughter loves him with all her heart. Disappeared when playing with friends at park, E of Beacon Ave, in between Othello & Myrtle when he vanished at approx 8:30p on 6-17-2014.
Denair, CA Cosmos 06/15/2014 Laura Overton209-523-0278
Cosmos is a black & white, lightly broken coated, neutered male. He has a black half mask on the left side of his face with black speckles on his right ear. He is approximately 12-12 1/2" and 12 lbs. He is 20 months old.He was last seen in north Modesto, CA near the Stanislaus River.I had just adopted him out to a family earlier in the day and he bolted out their door and vanished into a massive corn field near the river.Cosmos is timid but very friendly and may be very reluctant to come to a stranger. He loves other dogs.Cosmos was microchipped and wearing a collar with a Stanislaus County License.Reward offered. Help me to find him!209-523-0278 cell 209-883-2989 home
wilmington, NC Loki 06/14/2014 Louis910-622-3935
Black color around eye, was wearing a blue and green collar.
ojai, CA Hobo 06/09/2014 ray805-633-1507
brown face, white body with specklesapprx 20 lbs needs to have seizure meds ASAP 3 years old last seen in the area of 70 Baldwin rd,ojai 93023. has license andshots, but escaped from yard wearing only a flea collar
Brockton, MA Terrier 06/04/2014 Patches5089425787
Jack terrier
Social Circle, GA Pickle 05/26/2014 Heather Mattoon404-275-3432
Female white with one black eaer one black eye. About 10 yrs old. Lost at the corner of Social Circle Fairplay and Grady Lemonds Rd. Has microchip
Buena Park, CA Robbie 05/25/2014 Janine McClure714 8152333
Robbie was adopted Sunday 5-25 in Buena Park. Brown and black colored face.His body is mostly white with black spots.Friendly med size. 12-13"Broad head. Healthy
Ferguson, NC Amos 04/29/2014 Pamela L Wheat843-385-5005
He is a shorty jack predominantly white with 2 dark ears, black nose, brown around one eye area, black at base of naturally docked tail. Very friendly and only 1 and 1/2 yrs old. His full brother and our family miss him terribly. $500 Reward.
middle river, MD Pety 04/21/2014 vicki4103356857
Pety is all white except around his one eye which is brown and a little black. He has a black spot on the top of his head.
Thousand Oaks, CA Comet 04/03/2014 Brandi8053749642
Comet is all white with brown markings on his face. I've had him since he was only eight weeks and he ran off when my mom was babysitting him for me. If anyone could help me find my baby if would be greatly appreciated!! I miss him terribly!
Springfield, MO Tattoo 03/10/2014 Danie4176199287
Goshen, OH Shiloh 03/07/2014 Kim5135829774
I lost my dog around 900am in Maineville OH my mother was dog sitting and let her out by accident
norton, OH jack 02/24/2014 julia330-338-7230
jack was lost near the norton/wadsworth border. he was wearing a greenish blue striped collar
Natick, MA Scooter 01/28/2014 Angelaphill
He is 3 years old . long body white with a black mask over both eyes separated a small line of white his tail is not cropped and is not nurtured .
middletown, OH petey 01/01/2014 r mayne513-267-9954
Petey is an 11 year old male. Last seen on july 4th. Was let out of our fenced yard. He is all white broken coat. Had on a red collar with ohio dog tags..reward
Hammonton, NJ Bizzy 01/01/2014 Hanna6093690104
Last seen in southern New Jersey around 6 am. He escaped the back yard and has not returned, he knows where he lives. He has 3 brown spots on his back, a docked tail and bent/floppy ears. I miss him dearly.
Summerville sc, SC spike 12/31/2013 jerry6974619
it is white with one black ear and no tail
Shreveport, LA Suzie Wong 12/24/2013 Terri McConnell318-207-6696
Suzie is white with brown patches and on ears. Weighs 13lbs. and has short smooth hair. She has a scar on her lower lip where she had stitches. She was lost on Hilton Drive at Walker Road in Shreveport across from Southwood High School. We are offering a $500.00 reward for her return. No Questions Asked.
Comfort, TX Bonzo 12/24/2013 Debbie Meadows512-716-9143
My dog ran away when visiting my brother in Comfort, TX. I live in Round Rock, TX. We got him from the Williamson County Shelter. He has always been afraid of everything. He is very gentle and sweet. He dances in circles when you offer him a treat. He is a tall, smooth, Jack Russell, has typical head marking and spots near his tail.
Bethany, MO Penny 12/12/2013 Steve Fraizer660-425-4465

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