Submit Photo for Gallery/Caption Contest

Send in a picture for consideration in one of picture galleries, caption contest or JRTCA facebook page.

Breeding RiskyIf you have a photo that you think is perfect for one of our Jack Russell Terrier Picture Galleries, Caption Contest or Facebook page, please share it with us.

Options for Photo Submissions

  1. Post your photo(s) to the JRTCA Facebook page (either via the 'Private Message' button or in the 'Post to Page' section)
  2. Email your photo(s) to

We will review all of the selections and use certain photos for posting on our main Facebook feed, in our caption contests or in our photo galleries.

  • Only a portion of the photos submitted for consideration will be accepted for posting on our Facebook feed, caption contest and photo galleries.
  • No special effects (captions, framing, etc) should be applied to the picture.
  • Please select your best photo for posting.
  • All photos submitted must be your own (the copyright to the photo is owned by you and no one else).
  • By submitting your photo, you agree to have your submitted photograph displayed on the the JRTCA site or Facebook page without any fee or other form of compensation whatsoever.